One of the dark days

Today is one of the darks days where i’m irritated with everyone, including myself… for being irritated.


Dealing with an Insecure Boss

Seven Traits Of An Insecure Boss

You will know your boss is suffering from an insecurity complex when he or she is engaging in behavior highlighted by these seven such traits:

1. The boss insists on absolute control over everything in the department. He rules with an iron hand, refusing to delegate any real authority. He doesn’t trust anyone. He has few allies. Those allies he does enlist are formed into a tight little clique strongly obligated to his authority and dependent on it. They live an uncertain life on a short leash.

2. The boss constantly interferes in the work of his staff. Second guesses are the order of the day.

3. He constantly defends his position. Every question or hint of criticism is treated as a challenge to his worth and authority. He doubts he has the respect of his associates. Those who exhibit a mind of their own are under constant attack.

4. The insecure boss is most often an absolute perfectionist. He will climb the wall when you make a mistake. But look out. When he fouls up, he will blame it on someone else. He has to be right every time.

5. He will resist making decisions. This means endless studies and return trips to the drawing boards.

6. He will frequently remind you who is boss.

7. He finds it next to impossible to laugh at himself, but he is quick to laugh at others.

Seven Actions You Can Take
There are no certain quick fixes, but there are seven steps that will help mitigate the situation and advance your own interests. Actually, insecure bosses can offer opportunities.

1. Be certain you are not contributing to your superior’s low self-esteem. Do everything you can to reassure him of your respect for his position and your commitment to helping him do his job.

2. Shore him up at every opportunity. Learn where he feels most insecure–where his hot buttons are–and make a special effort to be
helpful in these areas.

3. When you have to challenge him, and surely you will from time to time, be certain to do it in a positive way. Don’t question his authority. Never challenge or criticize the boss in the presence of others.

4. Never go around your insecure boss to deal directly with his boss without explicit approval. Make sure he realizes that you clearly understand the hierarchical relationships. You don’t want to become an endangered species because you are seen as questioning his judgement and appealing to higher authorities.

5. Always be sure he gets more than his fair share of credit for your good work. Stay one step behind him when the limelight shines.

6. Find some of his good points and acknowledge them, publicly as well as privately. Remember, your boss may be a pain in the neck to work with, but surely he must have some redeeming features worthy of compliments.

7. Think of your own insecurities and what helps you deal with them. Apply what you learn from this analysis to dealing with your insecure boss.

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

I am always enlightened whenever I meet up with Nee. Each time we meet, she always shares a different way to approach my work and overcome the obstacles.

Suggestion 1: There’s no need to be too nervous around the CEOs and CFOs that I handle as they are someone’s father or grandfather.

Suggestion 2: My greatest quality and flaw is that  i’m too kind. If one protrays that they are too nice, they will most probably be taken advantage of. If the client demands that they want this at a certain time but you have a few things on your plate, tell them that you will rush it out as an exception but would appreciate if more time was given in future.

Conclusion: The hamster is really smart! Thank you!

Happiness and a Butterfly

“Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

– Nathaniel Hawthorne

Inspiration: Nothing much as changed, yet I don’t feel as happy as I was before. Sustaining a high contentment level is difficult. hmm.

Kindness Movement

Today while boarding the premium bus that I take to work daily, the person in front of me did not have enough credit in his ezlink card or sufficient change to pay for the ride. A caucasian guy who usually rides the bus passed him S$4 to pay for his ride.

I should learn to readily offer my help to those in need too.