Showing Compassion

If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.

Moshe Dayan

To get rid of an enemy, one must love him.

Leo Tolstoy

Compassion, even towards one’s enemies, is a sign of nobleness and spiritual perfection.

Ostad Elahi

Thoughts: I never understood what forgiveness meant. My understanding of forgiveness means forgetting. However, when I am reminded of the situation again, I will be upset at the hurt the person brought.

There are 3 people who have made me rather upset previously. The first is Dajie, the second Erjie and the third, my boss. Dajie left when the family needed her the most, Erjie is mean and selfish and my boss is a stingy person who I believe has questionable morals.

Recently, during one of the meditation sessions at The Golden Space, I understood for a moment what forgiveness is – “accepting what cannot be changed”.

After that session, I no longer feel the angry or angsty towards my boss. For a long while, I was very upset with how she is taking advantage of everyone and could not even look her in the eye. Last Saturday at Rachel’s bridal launch party, I could laugh and smile with her. I am beginning to accept her for who she is. I do not have to agree with her methods but neither should I silently kill myself with all the negativity. As a result, I’m much happier at work. I will work towards being a more positive person.

Coming on to my sisters. Yesterday, my erjie was down with stomach flu. Despite her mean and selfish actions to Boo and I previously, Boo stepped up to manage the situation and together, we sent her to the clinic. We could easily turn a blind eye to her plight but we choose not to. Although to some it might be an action not worth a mention, but to me, it was the first step towards forgiveness – “showing compassion to someone who was wasn’t that nice to you”. Thank you, boo for being the bigger person.

I hope one day, I can accept and forgive all 3 of them and emerge a better person =) Looking forward to that day.



2 thoughts on “Showing Compassion

  1. Well said. This is a big step. Soon we will know whatever grudges we hold against them can be overcome by LOVE. It is a lesson which we will take a life time to learn.

  2. I love this post. It sent a sense of peacefulness into me. 🙂 Not that I have anyone I hate, but seeing what you wrote gives me a perspective of what to do in the future should I meet with the same problem. Thanks

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