December 2011 Part 3 – Shopping Spree

As the title goes, yes I went on a rampage at Tangs and yes,  I’m broke.

Key takeaways:

1. Apply for the Standard Chartered Manhattan card as it offers a 5% rebate with a max of S$200 rebate over a quarter. In other words, if you spend above S$4000 in a quarter, you should switch to another card for rebates. The next cash rebate card is the Citibank dividend card. It offers 5% for petrol, 2% for dining and pharmacies and 0.5% for all other spending.

2. Apply for the Citibank Tangs card. They offer a one time 20% discount on your birthday month and an additional usual 10% rebate, which is better than Robinsons.

3. Accumulate all the presents you need to give and buy them all at once when you have the citibank tangs one off 20% discount. Always remember to look for card promotions as even 5% is savings. The retailers do not need your S$1 but 3 of S$1 can get you a plate chicken rice.

4. If you are looking for perfume, head down to Beauty Language. You’ll be surprised. The perfumes they offer are much cheaper if not comparable to duty free at the airport. The Hugo Boss perfume I got for boo was S$100 at the airport and only S$50 at Beauty Language =/


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