Something bimbotic

I realise my entries always touch on more mature and “ohmygawd are you done with finding your happiness” stuff, so I’ll attempt to write about something bimbotic…. which is…………………….. right. This is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Hmm.. how about talking about guys? But then again, I haven’t really been noticing them much. (I’ll like to assure you that I love men) It would be appropriate to add in pictures of hunky men now, I would think. Here it goes..

Guys look especially dashing when they style their hair backwards. Nice… he’s been my eyecandy ever since the show “All about Eve” was played.

I can’t think of any other cute guys at the moment! oh!! yes, the Jemlicious!!

Cute mostly because he’s modest and talented.

Now to the really hot girls…. *drum rolls*

Mila Kunis!

So hot!! I feel more excited talking about pretty girls than guys.. hahaha..

Ok, blog entry coming to an end. I’m getting increasingly vain.. thinking of whitening my teeth..



One thought on “Something bimbotic

  1. NOooOOooO.. Don’t whiten your teeth. I think you will most probably get sensitive teeth after doing that. I propose that you start flossing your teeth daily. It helps. 😉

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