Everyday, I thank God for the friends he have given me.

Silly-via, Alicheng, Roms and Yuanie have been a big part of my life during this period. They have been accompanying me whenever they can and I sincerely appreciate every single moment.

Headed to Brussel Sprouts at East Coast with Syl, Moo and Alicheng on Saturday. I was so happy… the place was situated by the sea with the wind blowing against your face. They even have a magician to entertain us! It’s the first card trick that I’ve seen in a really long while. =) It’s no wonder why guys learn magic. It gets the girls to smile. The roof is made of translucent covering so when you look up, you can see the clouds changing its shape as it moves past. The jokes came fast and furious with silly-via making all the hilarious jokes and alicheng contributing with her views and cute laugh.

This is what they call bliss.


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