Ajahn Brahm: The Magic of Wisdom

Attended a talk by Ajahn Brahm titled “The Magic of Wisdom”.

It was an interesting talk, addressing day to day problems faced by all.

Here are some extracts that I would like to share:

On the difference between intelligence and wisdom:

Intelligence satisfies you mentally while wisdom allows you to see things as it is and let go.

On how to make a decision:

Thinking about a issue will only serve to confuse you. Instead, use your heart to make the decision. Flip the coin. Heads to go for it, tails to dump it. If you flip and you are unsatisfied with the answer- there you go, the answer is in front of you.

On the secret to a happy marriage:

Attitude- By realising that each party has an equal part to play for the success of the relationship. The couple should address the problem as a unit instead of engaging in the blame game and pointing fingers at one another. Both parties have to give and receive equally otherwise it will eventually lead to resentment when one party begins to take the other for granted.

On how couples should settle disagreements:

It is natural to have disagreements but do not hold it for too long. The beauty would be when the couple kiss and make up. It is important to move on and let go of the issue for the couple to mature together.

On saying mean things in the heat of the moment:

Angry words says much more about you as a person than the person you are criticising.

On life and satisfaction:

The key question is “How much more do you want?” When you keep wanting more, you’ll tend to forget what you have as you will be busy chasing for what you don’t have. Be satisfied, enjoy your time with your wife, family and friends. They are golden.

On what you should do when you faced with discontentment at work:

Stop complaining and start laughing.

On difficult situations:

If you cant change the situation or people, change the way you perceive this issue.

On pain and suffering:

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, as it is in your mind.

On facing a terminal illness:

Don’t blame yourself for being sick.

Finally…… be at peace with yourself.


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