Watched a play today titled Boom. Just to give a heads-up on what the play is about, here is the prologue.

Boom tells the story of a stubborn old woman and her property agent son, who are struggling over the en bloc sale of their home. Their destinies become linked with that of Jeremiah, an idealistic civil servant, who is facing the greatest challenge of his career – persuading a reluctant corpse to relocate.”

Key takeaway:

Fight for what you believe but when it’s time to let go, raise your hands up and do a free fall

It wasn’t all that pleasant watching the play.. it depicts a woman’s unhealthy obsession with her home and a tree that her dead husband planted for her 30 years ago. In Buddhism, we learn of impermanence. What I saw was exactly the result of what would happen if you are too fixated on something. You keep fighting against the current… but what good is that? In your vigor to hold on or go against, you upset and neglect your loved ones. When you do get what you want, do you find that you are a lot happier than before? Most of the time, you aren’t.

It is easy to comment when you are looking at it from a third person, however it might not be easy to pull away when you are in that circumstance.

Nonetheless, it’s good to keep this at the back of your mind to serve as a reminder.


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