Lazing on a Sunday morning. It’s been a long while since I stayed in. I’m in mainly because the car’s engine overheated on Saturday due to the fault fan. It’ll take a while to get it repaired as there aren’t that many R2 spare parts in the market.  I’ve been so spoilt by the car that the thought of heading out without it is deterring me. A nice cup of cappuccino at this point, would be great =)

I wonder how he is doing. I’ve been wanting to contact him but thought better of it each time.

Do you think i’ll magically get a call from a friend for dinner or movie? hurhur… the possibility seems v remote. Hopeful nonetheless.

Read my bestie’s blog today. She’s nursing a broken heart. It pains me to see her upset. I want to help but i’m not sure how. Add a small dose of feelings to a situation and it gets unnecessarily complicated. There are always ups and downs in a relationship but we nevertheless crave for it each time.

He who loves 50 people has 50 woes; he who loves no one has no woes. – Buddha

He’s the wise one.

My company organised a group waterpainting session at the istana park on Friday. I’m inspired to take up painting lessons now, to create something beautiful on a white canvas. Here’s a picture of my painting, the themed paintings with my colleagues and the cutest kids.

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Recently, my maternity instincts are at an all time high. All kids look so cute and adorable. I just wanna chomp on their cheeks. Victoria, the little girl with her hair tied back, said “If my daddy sees us together, he will be jealous and won’t want me already. Do you want me?” hurhur.. cute. Before I left, she whispered “I miss you already.” Aww..

I enjoyed hanging out with the kids more so than my colleagues because the kids are so innocent. Along the way, we lost our creativity, got a whole lot more complicated and jaded. Hanging out with the kids made me at ease and happy. The little girl had a creative story to accompany her piece- a make-belief world that had everything you wanted. What happened to that side of us?

The interaction with the kids made me reinforce my commitment to be a good mother. I’ll try to be a bettter person each day so that when the day finally comes, I’ll be comfortable to guide someone to lead a meaningful life.

Anyway, before heading for the waterpainting class, I chose an art piece that I’ll like to paint. At the end, it turns out that we had to follow a theme to paint. I have to admit that I was so fixated on painting that piece that I did not enjoy myself that much. Meanwhile, my colleague was having a time of his life. On hindsight, it made me realise that I can be rather stubborn and fixated on my goals that sometimes I forget to enjoy the process itself. I must remember what DK and yong said..
I have much to rejoice. Yes, I did not get the dream job that I wanted. But, I do have a good family, a stable job, great wonderful people around me… and I have a lazy sunday to enjoy.. so, it’s time for me to let go of the dream job and immerse myself in the possibilities……

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