A health scare

There’s a saying in Singapore.. “No money, no honey.”

Let me add to that: “No health… no money, no honey, no holiday, no career… no nothing”

I finally went for a medical check-up after much procrastination. Midway through the scan, the radiologist assistant said she needed to call her radiologist in. Yes, that’s a universal bad sign. The radiologist confirmed that they will need to do further tests to ensure its not cancerous.

I won’t say my life flashed before my eyes at this point, but I felt very vulnerable lying there on the clinic’s bed. My mum and I desperately tried to secure an appointment to see a surgeon on the very day. Thankfully, we managed to get her go-ahead and did the biospy.

Fortunately for me, the results turned out fine.

It’s then that I realise, there’s really no point in making plans for the future if you are not well. Because then, every day is a gift. Hell,  maybe there isn’t a real need to make the trival plans at all. Do something spontaeous! Try something out of your comfort zone! Remember to show appreciation to the people you love! You don’t know if tomorrow will be your last.

So peeps… Live everyday as if it’s your last



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