My bud

Presenting my buddy, Choo Qi Yong

We met at the meditation class and hit it off from there.

We joked that he was probably the sister in the previous life and I, the brother. He’s really a great friend, always looking out for me. His dedication to Buddhism is what I admire the most. He made all the preparations for the 73 Wisdom puja through pure faith. It’s amazing how far faith can bring you. Inspiring. He’s also very giving and selfless.. always letting me have my way. hurhur…

He has a pilot test coming up on 12 Oct and is very anxious about it. I’m sure though that he got it. All the best to his pilot test and marriage in Jan!

You go, boy! Thanks for being around. Thanks for just being you.

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!


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