Maybe I will…. learn to dance in the downpour

I guess I haven’t been the best of moods recently. Drama at work and all. The lady boss and the big guy has been nitpicking on me over unjustifiable reasons. I was running a fever on thursday evening but had to stay till 12am because I have to rush both her work and the client’s. All she said was: “ok.”

I’m feeling overwhelmed, as if I’m sinking in a quicksand. Any moment now, i’ll be covered. There’s no point really to earn that little bit of money and have someone step all over you.

Met my ex-boss recently who is based in Shanghai. She comes over to Singapore twice a year. I’ve met her 3 times since joining this company. Without fail, she asked me the same question again… “What are you still doing there for?” While she’s glowing about how wonderful her work is, i’m recounting what a lousy environment my work place is.

I asked my ex colleague for help to see if she has any contacts to share… turns out.. she didn’t want to tell me. That’s when i realise…. this is the moment, the moment for me to realise who my friends are.

While I patiently (or not..) wait for this specific outcome (pls come faster than slower) ……. i will learn to dance in the downpour.

Will you dance with me?


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