Operation Qing

It doesn’t take a genius to find out that I could be happier at work. I recently shared it with my mum and she has since been rallying behind, supporting me in every way that she can. I sincerely appreciate it and feel closer to her than I have before. The way she cares for me is amazing and selfless… it feels as if she has set up an army exercise called “Operation Qing”, to save me from the depths of the jungle.

Thank you, Mummy.

Chilled out with my gfs by the beach the other day. It was nice just talking about the things in our lives as we listened to the soothing sounds of waves. That’s when I realise.. maybe it isn’t as bad as I think it is. Well, work isn’t ideal, but at least I still have my family and friends to lean on. Some of the stories told then could really be part of a korean drama show… except this time I know the characters, and I wish the best for them….. that they can find the happiness they are seeking, the happiness they deserve.

Because, after all, we just want to be happy.


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