Goodbye October, Hello November

These sweet words “Goodbye October, Hello November”.. I didn’t think I’ll be able tide through October but I did. Thank you God for looking out for me =)

I visited a fortune teller at the beginning of the year. Using tarot cards, he  calmly informed me that that I picked out the 2nd worst card in the whole deck. I could literally feel my heart sink into my stomach (The sheer weight of my worry probably dragged my heart down to the ground). Throughout the year, I kept anticipating how bad the month would be and kept bracing myself for what was to come. My rantings on October probably irritated my friends a wee bit.

Looking back, September was probably worst than October, given the unpleasant peer pressure at work.

Nonetheless, I’m glad it’s over.

So, here’s a toast. A toast to November.

(P.S Be warned: Tarot reading is only for the strong-hearted)


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