A Timely Retreat

For a while now, my mind was all over the place. As I always said, life is like a weighted probability. Once again, I’m at a cross roads. Whichever decision I make, it will change my life drastically for better or worse.

In Buddhism, we believe in Cause and Effect. We can prevent the “effect” if we remove the “cause”. The question is.. which “cause” do I remove?

This meditation retreat came in timely. It helped me clear my mind. Although I do not have a answer, but it once again reminds me to slow down and simplify my thoughts. My teacher commented that my meditation has deteriorated due to all the thoughts running through my mind, to the point where I have to start from the beginning- as if the past 6 months were a waste.

He asked “Which is the real world? The day you say cultivating your mind is, is the day you will begin to see real improvement in your meditation.”

Well, the meditation retreat did help to renew my desire to practice more sincerely.

Impermanence. I hope this desire will stay.



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