We came, We conquered, We left

Nee commented that my blog is boring. I presume that was a hint for me to blog about them. Hurhur. So here it goes:

After 13 years of friendship, we decided to make to trip to Batam together. We arrived at Harbourfront Centre at 915am (as always, nee was late) to realise that the ferry tickets to Harbour Bay are sold out. Luckily we were able to secure tickets with the only other operator, and off we sailed to Batam. It’s funny how unprepared we were for the trip.

To summarise, we basically spent all our time at Nagoya mall shopping, pampering ourselves and stuffing our faces with food. 3 hour massage, 2 dresses, Mani, pedi, and lots of food later, I found myself S$300 poorer but 1000x happier. It’s been a while since we hung out so it was nice just having some quality time together. The highlight of the trip was when we were just lying on the bed, having the usual girly chats- updating and gossiping. (would like to note down that nee was sleeping throughout our conversation but was kind enough to murmur and asked if we were talking about T. hurhur)

Anyway, it struck me that the girls have now changed their stance from a nonchalent “i’m not getting married any time soon” to a “i would like to get married and settle down.” (the key question of course, is with who?) We are at the time of our lives where the people around us are starting to settle down and its unnerving to attend weddings after weddings. Fortunately for me, I don’t feel the pressure as much because the people I hang out with frequently are mostly single.

Back to the trip, we headed off to the ferry terminal at 1pm the next day to realise that the ferries have been fully booked till 730pm. It might not be convenient to reveal exactly what we did to get all our asses on the next ferry at 2pm, but let’s just say, nee emerged as the daring gangster.

To our friendship..


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