I’ve been really happy the last few weeks at work, mainly because we are in our lull season and I manage to successfully stay away from my tyrant team head. However, today I was reminded why I didn’t like working in this office.

I left my mobile momentarily on the table and he came over to check in on a project. He looked down and started reading the whatsapp mobile message displayed. A few weeks back, he also came to my desk and started rummaging through my drawers to “find food”. He took the key pouch my client gave me, saying this is just what he needed and left my drawers in a mess. He even threw away some of my food saying its not edible. Occassionally, when I go to the ladies, he will sit at my desk and start reading my email messages.

I have since started to lock everything when I am not at my desk. I hate it that I have to be so cautious in office. I hate it that my privacy is not respected. As much as I try to control my emotions, I am deeply disturbed by this.

Now, I hate it that I am still holding on to this anger.

On another note, the other colleague who he close with has just left. I have to deal with his messages in evening telling me how he wishes to head back to India and how it isn’t fun in office anymore with her gone and me acting weird. He messaged me to complain yesterday as his wife was busy and wasunable to entertain him.

So, I guess I will have to get used to having my private time infringed moving forward.

I wish I could tell him to him not to be such a self-absorbed irritating prick. His inflatable ego, constant need to stay in as the centre of attraction/conversation and fear of being alone is baffling. Unless he can get over himself, it will be hard for him to find inner peace.

One thing is clear, he’s definitely one person I want out of my life when I leave this job.


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