Just enjoy sitting

“We can relearn how to sit, with the help of mind consciousness. Nelson Mandela, when he visited France, was asked by the press, “What would you like to do the most?” And he said, “Just sit down and do nothing. Since the time I was released from prison, I have been so busy- no time to sit and to just enjoy sitting.”

To sit and do nothing does not seem to be very easy, because vasana, habit energy, in this case the habit of running, has become very strong- we feel we should always be doing something, and that has become a habit. That’s why with the intervention of mind consciousness, with the insight that we can stop and begin to truly live our life, there is a possiblity that we can enjoy sitting and doing nothing. Just enjoy sitting! Allow your body to be peaceful, to be solid, to be free.

Sitting in peace is an art. When you are sitting in peace, it is as if you are sitting on a lotus flower. When you are not sitting in peace, it’s like sitting on glowing embers. It needs a little bit of training.

And let us leran how to walk- how to walk in such a way that we can enjoy every step, so that our projects, our fear will not remain an obstacle.

When we eat our breakfast, it’s an occassion to sit, to eat, and enjoy every morsel of our breakfast When we do our dishes, we can also be free, free from our projects and our worries, just enjoying washing the dishes. When you brush your teeth, enjoy brushing your teeth. While you put on your clothes, enjoy doing that. You are always with yourself, and you can enjoy every moment of your daily life. “

-Buddha Mind, Buddha Body by Thich Nhat Hanh

I’m beginning to enjoy the time alone and the slow walks. I’m trying to exercise more mindfulness in my daily activities which has helped me to become more at ease with myself. I look forward to a calmer and less careless me.


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