The big M.

Back in secondary school, Lynn’s mum once tried to anticipate who among us will be the first to get married. Turns out her bet that Lynn would be the last among us to get married, was wrong.

Lynn emerged as the winner, yet again. (She was the highest scorer back in our year) You go girl!

Met up with her a few days back and she shared some interesting snippets of Alan- the way he sleeps, his jokes and his quirky habits. Throughout the recollection, she was always smiling and laughing. That’s love-accepting and finding joy in his silliness.

A tribute to the couple:


Message to Lynnie:
It’s not going to be easy. There’ll be good days that will lift you up and bad days that will make you doubt. When you strip that all away, you know that he’ll always be standing beside you through it all and that’s most important. I’m very happy that you found your happiness and I wish you all the best on this new journey ahead.


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