The Joy of Reading

I love gaining new knowledge and that’s why I love reading. Knowing something new that I didn’t yesterday, makes me feel like the day was well spent.

I wanted a longer break so that I can spend my day at east coast, lying on a mat as read my book and feast on some delicious snack. That would be my idea of a perfect day =)

On another note, I’ve been reading another book on influence. It struck me that the objective of the book is to teach readers “how to play the game.”- how to create a good first impression, how can we assess the other person’s personality and structure your message to convince them easily. Ultimately, that’s life. It’s not the person with the most substance that gets the furthest. It’s the person who protray themselves in what society deem as desirable traits, such as confidence and eloquence, that gets the furthest. Work smart not hard.



We have the tendency to think we are important, that the world revolves around us.

Handed in my signed contract today and ran into one of the bosses that interviewed me. I could tell that he couldn’t remember where he has seen me.

On one hand, there I am feeling unsettled over the short break, on the other hand, he doesn’t remember where we met.

We are just another worker in the manufacturing line. Easily replaceable. Forgettable.

Looking at the sky is always humbling. It reminds me of how big this world is, and how insignificant I really am. I should not try to create undue stress for myself over a job that has yet to start.

So it’s official

And so it’s official. I will be starting at the new place on the 1st April 2013, Monday.

So far, everyone I have told is happy that I will be making the move.. except me.

I’m anxious and nervous…… What should I expect? Will I be able to rise up to the challenge? How will it be like?

I know I shouldn’t worry about something I cant do anything about for now… but thinking about it just makes my heart race……………..