The one person you should love most….


These days, it has almost become a monthly occurrence to hear that another sex scandal has erupted. Some starlet XXX’s video with some dude ended up in the wrong hands and was released to the public. I feel sad for the victims as everyone would be able to see them in those compromising positions. Looking at the bigger picture, I don’t think it’s a photos you want your grandkids to ever see.

At the end of the day, as women, we should learn to protect and love ourselves. Sleeping around,  making videos etc. will probably make you feel good at that point in time, but we should learn to respect us; respect our future husbands.

I sound like a real 1950s prude but I can emphatise with these victim so I just hope no one will be caught in such situations.

This will be one of the first lessons I will teach my daughter in future… “to love and learn to protect yourself”

(Then again, this is just my opinion. It is not my intention to judge anyone. It’s just a gentle reminder to us, women.)


Lucky day

Today’s my lucky day.

Accidently left my mobile on the table of the bak kut teh store that I was having dinner at. Luckily, the staff kept it for me as I only came to realise my phone was missing 1 hour later.

Thank you to that staff! God bless!

PS. Pls do remind me to leave my phone in my bag after use. hur. thanks.

Think before you act

*raises hand*

yes, that’s me.. i’ve made important decisions while emotions were running high- choosing to concentrate on the upsetting issue, instead of remembering the big picture.

So, trust me, i’ve been there, done that.

Don’t do it.

The best wedding video of all time

The work of art. I love the songs as it creates a feeling of hope for the new journey ahead.

Chinese is a very romantic language. Somehow expressing your love in mandarin tug at the heartstrings more so than in English.

I would love to engage this team if I can, in future.

If…. I can afford it.. that is..



  1. Tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation, esp. by responding only indirectly.
  2. Directed toward avoidance or escape.

I realise evasive is probably the word my girlfriends will use to describe me for now.

I clamp up when the topic goes to him.

I guess i’m not ready to talk about it yet.

Anyway, if you haven’t already know, I’m an escapist.