This blog is alive again. For now.

Hey everyone, just thought of writing a new post after a long hiatus.

Decided to just drop by to say hi because I was trying to work out how to get myself google certified and the website says I need a blog of some sorts.. so here I am! I am not quite sure if this is the type of blog that they are referring to but this would work for now.

Also, I realised that I have been getting visitors around the world to my non-existent site for the last few years! Why.. HELLOOO THERE! 😀 Sweet to check in on my site, apologies if it hasn’t been the most exciting.

Well, life’s been so amazing these couple of years and I feel so blessed everyday.

I learnt that you can be as blessed as you want to, as long as you tell yourself you are… haha.. and it becomes a cycle.

I tell myself I am blessed,

I choose to see the wonderful things that are happening in my life… and

Viola! I feel blessed.

Lots to update actually, but this will do for now.

Check in again some time!